How do I get started with Dynatrace Managed?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

To get started with Dynatrace Managed, you need to obtain a license first. To obtain a license for Dynatrace Managed, contact a Dynatrace representative. Your representative will provide you with further details regarding Dynatrace Managed. Once an agreement is established, you'll receive an email from us that includes your license details as well as instructions for installing Dynatrace Server. As also indicated by these instructions, continue with the steps below:

Ensure that your system meets the specified software and hardware requirements. Also ensure that you've configured your firewall settings.

Download and install Dynatrace Server. At the end of the installation, you'll be provided with a URL. Open the provided URL in your web browser. The following page appears.

Provide a name for your first monitoring environment and set up an administrator account. Once finished, click Next. A default domain is generated which should be used instead of the IP address for secure (HTTPS) connection.

You will be logged in and directed to the Cluster Management Console.

Once you've completed the above steps, you'll be able to explore the monitoring capabilities offered by Dynatrace, including user experience monitoring, server-side services monitoring, host and process monitoring, and more.