What is a host unit?

Dynatrace pricing for full stack monitoring is based on host units. A host unit reflects the size of a host based on the amount of that host's RAM. A host with 16 GB of RAM equates to 1 host unit. Host unit equivalents for various memory sizes are shown in the table below.

Max. Ram Host units (full stack) Host units (cloud infrastructure)
1.6 GB 0.1 0.03
4 GB 0.25 0.075
8 GB 0.5 0.15
16 GB 1 0.3
32 GB 2 0.6
48 GB 3 0.9
64 GB 4 1.2
n*16 GB n n*0.3

Host unit amounts increase at a rate of 1 host unit for each 16-GB memory increment. Memory is counted in GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB) and host unit values are rounded up. So, if you have a host with a memory size of 24 GB, the host will be billed at a rate of 2 host units.

Cloud infrastructure monitoring

If you use a cloud infrastructure monitoring license for your servers, your host unit value is multiplied by 0.3.

Host unit hours

A single host unit hour represents 1 host unit running for 1 hour. If such a host runs for a full day, it will consume 24 host unit hours. You can determine how many host units you are monitoring by dividing your number of host unit hours by 24.

Licensing details

For full details on Dynatrace monitoring packages and licensing options, see Dynatrace pricing.