Is Dynatrace OneAgent secure?

Dynatrace OneAgent undergoes continuous and extensive penetration testing and expert security reviews. Dynatrace OneAgent is installed on every host monitored by Dynatrace. Dynatrace OneAgent collects system metrics from each host (CPU, memory, and network) and monitors all processes running on each host. Dynatrace OneAgent also automatically enables technology-specific monitoring for certain processes (Java, IIS, Apache, and many more). For full details, see Which environments and versions does Dynatrace support?

All you need to do with Dynatrace OneAgent is download and install it. When you download Dynatrace OneAgent, it's pre-configured to connect directly to your Dynatrace environment (or to your Security Gateway, if you have one installed). Following installation Dynatrace OneAgent starts up and gathers additional configuration from Dynatrace Server. Dynatrace OneAgent then sends the most important monitoring data to Dynatrace Server for analysis.

All communication between Dynatrace OneAgent and Dynatrace Server is handled over secure socket https communication (port 443) with strong cryptography to guarantee your data privacy. Dynatrace OneAgent only sends data outbound to Dynatrace Server—it doesn't open a listening port.