How is customer performance data secured?

All performance data that are collected by Dynatrace OneAgent on the customer side are securely transmitted to our servers and processed behind firewalls. Metric and transaction data are encrypted even while at rest, and each customer’s data are programmatically partitioned from the data of other customers.

Dynatrace runs in the Amazon cloud. Amazon Web Services' (AWS) certified cloud infrastructure security measures provide a high degree of data protection; AWS guarantees physical access controls, hypervisor protection, and secure decommissioning of instance data. Direct access to AWS instances by Dynatrace employees is carefully regulated based on multi-factor authentication.

Backups of metric data are generated at regular intervals. All backups are encrypted.

Only authorized Dynatrace employees (specifically, 2nd and 3rd level support representatives) can view customer data. All such authorized Dynatrace employees are bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

Note: All monitoring data captured by Dynatrace remains the property of our customers. While we mirror captured monitoring data to other AWS availability zones for backup purposes (in support of high availability across multiple data centers), your monitoring data will never be sent outside of your geographic region (United States, European Union, or Australia). For example, monitoring data captured in Ireland always remains in the EU because the Irish backups are mirrored to a cluster in Germany. With this approach, if one data center fails, we still have a quorum and the servers in other data centers of the same region can take over.

How are customer data communications managed?

All electronic communication sent to and from Dynatrace relies on TLS encryption on port 443. Dynatrace OneAgent and Security Gateway, which are installed on-premise, encrypt all data before they are sent to Dynatrace Server.

What measurements are collected?

The Dynatrace OneAgent collects host metrics (host details, RAM/CPU usage, hard disk IO usage, network activity, and database transactions) and various application metrics. Using proprietary Smartscape technology, Dynatrace also traces user transactions for Java servers, web servers, and more.

Security Gateways installed in your data center can additionally consume VMware metrics.