Dynatrace OpenKit logging

There are two different ways to log with OpenKit

  • Configure OpenKit to use the built-in console logger
  • Configure OpenKit to use a custom logger implementation

Log using the console logger

OpenKit includes a console logger. By default any error or warning message is logged to stdout. By setting a log level, all log events with the same or higher prior levels are logged.
OpenKit uses the following log levels.

Log level Priority Description
Debug 0 For debugging and development. Not recommended for production due to a high volume of log entries.
Info 10 General OpenKit flow.
Warning 20 Warnings encountered in OpenKit library, including API usage problems.
Error 30 Errors that cannot be handled by OpenKit.
OpenKit openKit = new DynatraceOpenKitBuilder(endpointURL, applicationID, deviceID)
    .withLogLevel(LogLevel.DEBUG) // enable Debug, Info, Warning and Error log events

Log using a custom logger

OpenKit can also be configured with a custom logger implementation. Implement a custom logger to log OpenKit messages using the logging framework of your choice.

import com.dynatrace.openkit.api.Logger;

class MyCustomLoggerImpl implements Logger {
  // implement interface methods

Logger customLogger = new MyCustomLoggerImpl();

OpenKit openKit = new DynatraceOpenKitBuilder(endpointURL, applicationID, deviceID)