What is the OneAgent SDK?

Dynatrace provides extensive monitoring capabilities for nearly all popular languages and technologies, including Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, and Golang. See our our supported technologies page for details about all supported technologies.

The Dynatrace OneAgent SDK enables you to instrument your application manually to extend end-to-end visibility for frameworks and technologies for which there is no code module available yet. With the SDK, you get full access to all analysis and monitoring functionality, including auto-baselining and AI-based root cause analysis.

The Dynatrace OneAgent SDK is an open source project, in beta status. Feedback and feature requests can be filed directly on GitHub or on the Feedback & Roadmap thread in AnswerHub.


  • Dynatrace OneAgent v1.133 or higher installed on the host running the application/service to be monitored
  • Ability to edit the source code of the application/service to be monitored

OneAgent automatically detects that your application is instrumented with the OneAgent SDK and immediately begins monitoring it. A restart of the application is required following OneAgent installation on the host.

What you can do with Dynatrace OneAgent SDK

With the Dynatrace OneAgent SDK, you can:

  • Trace incoming and outgoing remote calls
  • Trace database requests
  • Trace incoming web requests

More functionality will be added to the OneAgent SDK over time. The feature sets differ slightly with each language implementation.

OneAgent SDK on GitHub

The Dynatrace OneAgent SDK is open source and published directly to GitHub together with the technical documentation. To get a detailed overview of the current features of the OneAgent SDK, check out the following links:

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