Install extension SDK

The extension SDK provides you with all the resources and means necessary to develop your own extensions. To get started with the extension SDK, follow the steps below.


Sign in to Dynatrace and go to Settings > Monitored technologies, select Add new technology monitoring, select Add ActiveGate extension or Add OneAgent extension, and select Download Extension SDK

You'll use the same extension SDK for both, OneAgent and ActiveGate extensions.

Extract the downloaded ZIP file. It contains docs, examples, and the whl file that's required for installation (for example, plugin_sdk-


You need the following to install the SDK:

  • ActiveGate extensions Environment ActiveGate version 1.175+ installed in the default mode
  • Python 3.6.6 with PIP installed.

To install your downloaded SDK use:

pip3 install plugin_sdk-version.whl

For example:

pip3 install plugin_sdk-


Once you've written your extension, you can use the SDK to build it and upload it to the server. If you want to simply validate your plugin.json file type:

plugin_sdk build_plugin --no_upload

If you want to upload your extension to the server, type:

plugin_sdk upload_plugin -t yourtoken

For your extension development, you can also use the extension simulator.


If after deploying your extension the results are different from your expectations, check troubleshooting to find out what went wrong.


Following successful deployment, you should see your extension ready for configuration.


The Extensions how-to topics will guide you through the key concepts of extension development with examples and working code snippets to facilitate your own extension development.