ActiveGate plugin module custom configuration

ActiveGate Plugin Module can be used standalone, out of the box. This topic explains how to modify your ActiveGate Plugin Module. Modifications should be performed in the file remotepluginuserconfig.ini, which is located at:

  • Windows: %PROGRAMDATA%\dynatrace\remotepluginmodule\agent\conf\remotepluginuserconfig.ini
  • Linux: /var/lib/dynatrace/remotepluginmodule/agent/conf/remotepluginuserconfig.ini

After modifying this file you must restart the service.

Change port used to communicate with ActiveGate

By default, ActiveGate Plugin Module sends data via port 9999, which is used by ActiveGate. If you modify the port using the ActiveGate file, you also have to modify the port that's used by the Plugin Module. To do so, modify the file remotepluginuserconfig.ini as shown:

Modified port

Where PORT is the target port. Restart ActiveGate Plugin Module service.