Preview and Early Adopter Releases for Dynatrace API

Some API requests are available as Early Adopter Release features or as part of a Preview. These requests are identified with "Early adopter" and "Preview" notes on corresponding pages in Dynatrace Help and in the API explorer (see examples below).

Early Adopter Release

Early Adopter Release requests are available on an opt-in basis. They aren't feature complete, but they are publicly available, fully supported, production-ready, and available as a user opt-in.

Non-compatible changes are unlikely to be introduced in Early Adopter Release API requests, however we can't guarantee full backward compatibility of the GA version with the Early Adopter Release.

Early Adopter Release requests have this mark in the API explorer:
Early adopter


A Preview provides you with access to new features so that we can hear your feedback and ultimately deliver features that exactly meet your needs. Preview requests aren't meant to be used in production environments.

Preview requests aren't publicly available—you need to sign up for the respective Preview. See the Preview and Early Adopter releases to learn more about conditions and how to sign up.

Preview requests have this mark in the API explorer: