Dynatrace API - Access limit

Read access to the Dynatrace API is free of charge on a fair use model. You're charged for defining and pushing new custom metrics through the Dynatrace API on a per-metric, per-month basis. Refer to Calculate Dynatrace monitoring consumption for detailed information about custom metric ingestion and how this affects your consumption of Dynatrace monitoring.

Payload limit

The payload size is limited to 1 MB.

Request throttling

API access is limited to 50 requests per minute in the Dynatrace SaaS environment. Synthetic endpoints have the limit of 1,000 requests per minute.

When you reach the limit, your requests return the response code 429.

There is no rate limit for Dynatrace Managed installations.

Check remaining limit

To check the remaining limits, look at the response headers of your requests.

Header Description
X-RateLimit-Limit The per-minute limit for this endpoint.
X-RateLimit-Remaining The remaining number of requests.
X-RateLimit-Reset The timestamp in microseconds when the limit will reset.