Installing ActiveGate plugin module

To run ActiveGate plugins you need to install the ActiveGate plugin module on the ActiveGate with the access to the remote technology.

  1. Sign in to Dynatrace and go to Deploy Dynatrace.
  2. Click the Set up remote monitoring button in the Monitor new remote technologies section.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. You'll be given a choice of installing a new ActiveGate with the plugin module or add a plugin module to an existing ActiveGate you will choose from the Deployment status page. You can install new ActiveGate or install ActiveGate plugin module on existing ActiveGate version 155 or above.

Next steps

After successful installation, you should see two running services:

  • Dynatrace Gateway responsible for running ActiveGate
  • Dynatrace Remote Plugin Module responsible for running ActiveGate plugin Module

The ActiveGate is now ready to execute your plugin. Go ahead and try to deploy your first plugin. See Write your first ActiveGate plugin