How does pro-active support work?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

Dynatrace Managed automatically solves many common maintenance and support challenges for you. With pro-active support, you get fully automated management capabilities that keep Dynatrace Server secure, reliable, and up-to-date—all while saving you from the hassles of administrative tasks like upgrades and troubleshooting. Once you've granted the required permissions, Dynatrace Managed Support staff can remotely access your Dynatrace Server to assist with upgrades and troubleshooting when you run into problems. All remote-access requests initiated by Dynatrace Support are logged and tracked along with all other Dynatrace Server events that take place in your Dynatrace monitoring environment (select Events from the navigation menu to access your environment's event history).

How pro-active support works

To enable pro-active support your Dynatrace Server needs to transmit data to and from the Dynatrace Managed Internet portal. The only thing that Dynatrace Managed Support ever has access to is the server component of your Dynatrace Managed installation. We don't have access to your operating system or file system.

All you need to do to get started is provide details about your hardware platform and install Dynatrace Server. Following installation you need to set up user accounts and make sure that Dynatrace Server can access the Dynatrace Managed portal. We take care of the rest: maintenance, health checks, scaling verification, and more. Software updates are downloaded automatically so you don't have to worry about them.

Our goal is to provide the highest possible system uptime (> 98%) and processing rate for collected monitoring data (> 99.5%).

What we send to the portal

  • Usage and billing information
  • Dynatrace Server health statistics
    Once permitted, Dynatrace Support staff can remotely analyze hardware utilization and alert you if you need more resources.
  • Dynatrace Server events like server starts/shutdowns, added/removed nodes, and Security Gateway registrations.
    Dynatrace Support staff can remotely analyze and address problems or incompatibilities with your Dynatrace Server, so you don't need to track and react to system events. And if you should need to contact Dynatrace Support, you won't need to collect the required log files for problem resolution.
    To see the list of Dynatrace Server system events that are logged for you automatically, select Events from the navigation menu.
  • System settings
    Dynatrace Support can remotely optimize your Dynatrace Managed settings to ensure optimum performance and stability.

Portal connection security

The connection to the Dynatrace Managed portal is an encrypted using HTTPS. At Dynatrace, the security of your performance and customer data is our top priority. We rely on industry best practices and strictly enforced operational controls to ensure the security of all electronic data you entrust us with.