What do I need to know to get started?

Find out what you need to get started with the Dynatrace API.


Read access to the Dynatrace API is free of charge on a fair use model.

You are charged for defining and pushing new custom metrics through the Dynatrace API on a per-metric, per-month basis. For testing and prototyping, you have a free 100 metrics per month quota for each of your monitoring environments.

Rate limiting

API access is limited to 50 requests / minute. To increase this limit, please get in touch with your Dynatrace representative.

Custom metric limits

By default, there's a free quota of 100 custom metrics/month that you can report using the Dynatrace API. Each metric dimension counts as a separate metric. To increase or eliminate this quota, get in touch with your Dynatrace representative.


The use of a secured communication channel over HTTPS is mandatory.

URL prefix

All calls currently begin with the following prefix, where the placeholder {id} must be replaced with your own environment ID. You can find your environment ID by looking at your Dynatrace environment URL:

Dynatrace SaaS


Dynatrace Managed URL Prefix



To maintain version integrity into the future, the API is versioned. Versioning is achieved via a versioned URL path.