Services API - GET all services

Gets a list of all services in your Dynatrace environment, along with their parameters and relationships.

The full list can be lengthy, so you can narrow it down by specifying filter parameters, like tags. See the Parameters section for more details.

You can additionally limit the output by using the pagination:

  1. Specify the number of results per page in the pageSize query parameter.
  2. Then use the cursor from the Next-Page-Key response header in the nextPageKey query parameter to obtain subsequent pages.

The request produces an application/json payload.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v1/entity/services
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}


The timeframe is restricted to a maximum period of 3 days.

Parameter Type Description In Required
startTimestamp integer

The start timestamp of the requested timeframe, in milliseconds (UTC).

If not set, then 72 hours behind from now is used.

query optional
endTimestamp integer

The end timestamp of the requested timeframe, in milliseconds (UTC).

If not set, then the current timestamp is used.

The timeframe must not exceed 3 days.

query optional
relativeTime string

The relative timeframe, back from now.

The relativeTime element can hold these values.
query optional
tag array

Filters the resulting set of services by the specified tag. You can specify several tags in the following format: tag=tag1&tag=tag2. The service has to match all the specified tags.

In case of key-value tags, such as imported AWS or CloudFoundry tags use following format: [context]key:value.

query optional
entity array

Filters result to the specified services only.

To specify several services use the following format: entity=ID1&entity=ID2.

query optional
managementZone integer

Only return services that are part of the specified management zone.

query optional
includeDetails boolean

Includes (true) or excludes (false) details which are queried from related entities.

Excluding details may make queries faster.

If not set, then true is used.

query optional
pageSize integer

The number of services per result page.

If not set, pagination is not used and the result contains all services fitting the specified filtering criteria.

query optional
nextPageKey string

The cursor for the next page of results. You can find it in the Next-Page-Key header of the previous response.

If you're using pagination, the first page is always returned without this cursor.

You must keep all other query parameters as they were in the first request to obtain subsequent pages.

query optional

Possible values

Possible values for the relativeTime element:

  • min
  • 5mins
  • 10mins
  • 15mins
  • 30mins
  • hour
  • 2hours
  • 6hours
  • day
  • 3days

Response format

The Service object

Element Type Description
entityId string

The Dynatrace entity ID of the required entity.

displayName string

The name of the Dynatrace entity as displayed in the UI.

customizedName string

The customized name of the entity

discoveredName string

The discovered name of the entity

firstSeenTimestamp integer

The timestamp of when the entity was first detected, in UTC milliseconds

lastSeenTimestamp integer

The timestamp of when the entity was last detected, in UTC milliseconds

tags TagInfo[]

The list of entity tags.

fromRelationships object
toRelationships object
serviceTechnologyTypes string[]
port integer
webServiceNamespace string
databaseName string
databaseVendor string
ipAddresses string[]
akkaActorSystem string

The services of the akka actor system.

remoteServiceName string

The name of the remote service.

webApplicationId string
ibmCtgServerName string

The IBM CICS Transaction Gateway name.

serviceType string
path string
contextRoot string
agentTechnologyType string
webServerName string
remoteEndpoint string

The endpoint of the remote service.

managementZones EntityShortRepresentation[]

The management zones that the entity is part of.

webServiceName string
className string
databaseHostNames string[]
esbApplicationName string

The ESB application name.

ibmCtgGatewayUrl string

The IBM CTG gateway URL.

iibApplicationName string

The IIB application name.

softwareTechnologies TechnologyInfo[]

The TechnologyInfo object

Element Type Description
type string
edition string
version string

The EntityShortRepresentation object

The short representation of a Dynatrace entity.

Element Type Description
id string

The ID of the Dynatrace entity.

name string

The name of the Dynatrace entity.

description string

A short description of the Dynatrace entity.

The TagInfo object

Tag of a Dynatrace entity.

Element Type Description
context string

The origin of the tag, such as AWS or Cloud Foundry.

Custom tags use the CONTEXTLESS value.

key string

The key of the tag.

Custom tags have the tag value here.

value string

The value of the tag.

Not applicable to custom tags.

Response headers

Header Type Description
Total-Count integer The estimated number of results.
Next-Page-Key string The cursor for the next page of results. Without it you'll get the first page again.
Page-Size string The maximum number of results per page.


In this example, the request lists all the services of the environment detected within the last 5 minutes.

The API token is passed in the Authorization header.

The result is truncated to two entries.


curl -X GET \
  '' \
  -H 'Authorization: Api-Token abcdefjhij1234567890' \  

Request URL

Response body

    "entityId": "SERVICE-72503CBDD2AEF066",
    "displayName": "PHP-FPM via domain socket /run/php7-fpm.sock",
    "discoveredName": "PHP-FPM via domain socket /run/php7-fpm.sock",
    "firstSeenTimestamp": 1505902015554,
    "lastSeenTimestamp": 1544025169570,
    "tags": [
        "context": "CONTEXTLESS",
        "key": "Sample tag"
    "fromRelationships": {
      "runsOnProcessGroupInstance": [
      "runsOn": [
    "toRelationships": {
      "calls": [
    "agentTechnologyType": "N/A",
    "serviceType": "WebRequest",
    "softwareTechnologies": [
        "type": "SQLITE",
        "edition": null,
        "version": null
        "type": "PHP",
        "edition": "FPM",
        "version": "7.0.32"
        "type": "PHP_FPM",
        "edition": null,
        "version": null
    "entityId": "SERVICE-52AC624D70C377BC",
    "displayName": "Requests to public networks",
    "discoveredName": "Requests to public networks",
    "firstSeenTimestamp": 1421376505750,
    "lastSeenTimestamp": 1544025153570,
    "tags": [],
    "fromRelationships": {},
    "toRelationships": {
      "calls": [
    "agentTechnologyType": "N/A",
    "serviceType": "WebRequest"

Response code