Synthetic locations API - DELETE a location

We have a new version of this API—Synthetic API v2. Check it out!

Deletes an existing private synthetic location. Deletion cannot be undone.

Early Adopter

This request is an Early Adopter release and may be changed in non-compatible way.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v1/synthetic/locations/{locationId}
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}{locationId}


To execute this request, you need the Create and read synthetic monitors, locations, and nodes (ExternalSyntheticIntegration) permission assigned to your API token. To learn how to obtain and use it, see Tokens and authentication.


Parameter Type Description In Required
locationId string

The Dynatrace entity ID of the private synthetic location to be deleted.

path required


Response codes

Code Description

default response

Response body

A successful request doesn't return any content.


In this example, the request deletes the private Synthetic location from the POST request example. The response code of 204 indicates that the deletion was successful.

The API token is passed in the Authorization header.


curl -X DELETE \ \
  -H 'Authorization: Api-Token abcdefjhij1234567890'

Request URL

Response code