Problems API - GET all

We have a new version of this API—Problems API v2. Check it out!

Lists all comments on the specified problem.

The request produces an application/json payload.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v1/problem/details/{problemId}/comments
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}{problemId}/comments
  • Environment ActiveGate https://{your-activegate-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/v1/problem/details/{problemId}/comments


To execute this request, you need the Access problem and event feed, metrics, and topology (DataExport) permission assigned to your API token. To learn how to obtain and use it, see Tokens and authentication.


Parameter Type Description In Required
problemId string

The ID of the problem where you want to read the comments.

path required


Response codes

Code Description


Response body

The ProblemCommentList object

The list of comments to the problem.

Element Type Description
comments ProblemComment[]

The list of comments to the problem.

The ProblemComment object

The comment to the problem.

Element Type Description
id string

The ID of the comment.

createdAtTimestamp integer

The timestamp of the comment creation, in UTC milliseconds.

content string

The text of the comment.

userName string

The author of the comment.

context string

The context of the comment.

Could be any textual comment. You can only set it via REST API.


In this example, the request lists all comments on the problem with ID 2307087411653364173_1538400720000V2.

The API token is passed in the Authorization header.


curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'Authorization: Api-Token abcdefjhij1234567890'

Request URL

Response body

    "comments": [
            "id": "2216103859600298777_1538400720000",
            "createdAtTimestamp": 1538568145285,
            "content": "Checking [stack overflow]( for helpful answers",
            "userName": "john.smith",
            "context": null

Response code