Log Monitoring API v1 - Process groups

The Log Monitoring—Process groups API enables you to automate your log monitoring tasks for the process groups logs.

The following example is a typical sequence of API calls for log analysis.

Fetch the list of logs. Make an API call to find out what logs are available for processing.

As a response you will receive the list of available logs.

From the response of the previous call, you know which logs are available. You can start a log analysis job for one of them.

As a response, you will receive the ID of the job.

Now that you have the ID of the analysis job, you can check the status of the job.

As a response, you will receive the information about the job: the status of the job, time stamp of last status change, any errors that occurred, and a number of processed log entries.

When the status of the log analysis job is READY, you can view the content of the log. You have the following options:

As a response, you will receive the records of the log.

If you have completed your analysis, delete the analysis job. You can also cancel the unfinished job with this call.