Mobile Symbolication API - GET all

Lists the metadata of all symbolication files (proguard files for Android or dSYM files for iOS Apps) from the Symbol File Store.

The request produces an application/json payload.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/config/v1/symfiles
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}
  • Environment ActiveGate https://{your-activegate-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/config/v1/symfiles


To execute this request, you need the Mobile symbolication file management (DssFileManagement) permission assigned to your API token. To learn how to obtain and use it, see Tokens and authentication.


The request doesn't provide any configurable parameters.


Response codes

Code Description


Response body

The SymbolFileList object

Element Type Description
symbolFiles SymbolFile[]

A list of symbolication files.

The SymbolFile object

Element Type Description
applicationName string

The name of the application this file belongs to

size integer

The size of the file in KB

appId AppIdentifier
uploadTimestamp integer

The timestamp of the upload time of the file, in UTC milliseconds

pinned boolean

Is the file pinned and therefore cannot be deleted.

The AppIdentifier object

The appId, the app version and the bundle id which uniquely identify the app

Element Type Description
id string

The id where the file belongs to

versionCode string

The version code (Android) / bundle version (iOS) the file belongs to

versionName string

The version name (Android) / bundle versions string (iOS) the file belongs to

packageName string

The bundleId (iOS) or package name (Android) the file belongs to

os string

The operating system where the file belongs to