Extensions API - GET an extension

Lists the properties of the specified extension.

The request produces an application/json payload.

Early Adopter

This request is an Early Adopter release and may be changed in non-compatible way.

  • Managed https://{your-domain}/e/{your-environment-id}/api/config/v1/extensions/{id}
  • SaaS https://{your-environment-id}.live.dynatrace.com/api/config/v1/extensions/{id}


To execute this request, you need the Read configuration (ReadConfig) permission assigned to your API token. To learn how to obtain and use it, see Authentication.


Parameter Type Description In Required
id string

The ID of the required extension.

path required

Response format

The Extension object

General configuration of a extension.

Element Type Description
id string

The ID of the extension, for example custom.remote.python.demo.

name string

The name of the extension, displayed in Dynatrace.

version string

The version of the extension, displayed in Dynatrace.

type string

The type of the extension. It indicates the runtime environment of the extension (for example, ACTIVEGATE).

The type element can hold these values.
metricGroup string

The metricGroup of the extension used for grouping custom metrics into a hierarchical namespace.

metadata ConfigurationMetadata
properties ExtensionProperty[]

A list of extension properties.

The ExtensionProperty object

A property of a extension.

Element Type Description
key string

The key of the property.

type string

The type of the property.

defaultValue string

The default value of the property.

dropdownValues string[]

The list of possible values of the property.

If such a list is defined, only values from this list can be assigned to the property.

The ConfigurationMetadata object

Metadata useful for debugging

Element Type Description
configurationVersions integer[]

A Sorted list of the version numbers of the configuration.

clusterVersion string

Dynatrace server version.

Possible values

Possible values for the type element in the Extension object:

  • JMX
  • PMI