What is "complete" Apache web server restart?

Following installation of Dynatrace OneAgent, your Apache web server must be completely restarted to enable monitoring. To do this correctly, it's important to understand the difference between "partial" and "complete" restarts. In the case of partial restarts, the main Apache process re-reads its configuration files, re-opens its log files, and then restarts its worker processes. Dynatrace OneAgent however, requires a complete Apache web server restart in which all workers and—most importantly—the main Apache process are shut down entirely and then restarted.

See Stopping and Restarting Apache HTTP Server for more information on the different types of available restarts.

How to perform a complete restart

You may be accustomed to restarting Apache by issuing an apachectl restart command. Oddly, this command only results in a partial Apache restart.

To execute a complete Apache restart and enable deep monitoring with Dynatrace OneAgent, you need to first invoke a complete shutdown using the apachectl stop command. Only following this step can you restart the server using apachectl start .

It's fine to use service apache2 restart on Ubuntu systems. Note however that whatever commands you use, you'll likely need superuser rights (sudo).