What is Dynatrace OpenKit?

Dynatrace OpenKit is a set of open source libraries that provides an easy, lightweight means of instrumenting the source code of your custom applications so you can monitor their performance with Dynatrace and AppMon.

Dynatrace OpenKit is best suited for client/server applications that communicate via HTTP (for example, rich-client-applications, embedded devices, and terminals).

The main advantages of OpenKit are:

  • Ease of use
  • No 3rd-party or OneAgent library dependencies
  • Ease of portability to other languages and platforms

What you can do with Dynatrace OpenKit

With Dynatrace OpenKit, you can:

What you can't do with Dynatrace OpenKit

With Dynatrace OpenKit, you can't:

  • Create server-side PurePaths: This functionality is provided by Dynatrace OneAgent SDK.
  • Create metrics: You can use the Custom network devices & metrics API to report metrics.

Dynatrace OpenKit libraries on GitHub

Check out the Dynatrace OpenKit libraries that are currently available for download and begin instrumenting your custom applications: