Directory structure of Dynatrace Managed

The Dynatrace Managed directory structure is outlined in the following table.

Directory symbol Directory path Description Requirements
PRODUCT_PATH /opt/dynatrace-managed Main directory for Dynatrace Managed binaries Min. 3.1 GB
DATASTORE_PATH /var/opt/dynatrace-managed Main directory for Dynatrace Managed data Min. 3 GB
LOG_PATH /var/opt/dynatrace-managed/log Logs of all Dynatrace Managed components, services, and tools Max. 1 GB
CASSANDRA_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/cassandra Metrics repository Min. 25 GB
ELASTICSEARCH_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/elasticsearch Elasticsearch store Min. 3 GB
SERVER_DATASTORE_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/server Transactions store Min. 14 GB
AGENT_BUILD_UNITS_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/agents OneAgent installation packages (if downloaded by Dynatrace Server or installed from a standalone OneAgent package) Min. 20 GB
SERVER_BUILD_UNITS_PATH DATASTORE_PATH/installer Dynatrace Managed installer for adding nodes to a cluster, prepared during installation/upgrade Max. 2 GB
SELFMON_AGENT_INSTALL_PATH1 /opt/dynatrace Main directory for self-monitoring OneAgent binaries Min. 4 GB
  • 1 OneAgent self-monitoring is enabled by default, however an opt-out installation parameter is available (--install-agent <on|off>)

The directory paths included in the above table are the default paths. Actual paths may vary if you've installed to a custom directory. Note that, in case of customized storage locations, CASSANDRA_DATASTORE_PATH, ELASTICSEARCH_DATASTORE_PATH, SERVER_DATASTORE_PATH should be placed in separate directories—none of these can be a sub-directory of the other.