How do I configure an Environment ActiveGate for multi-environment support?

To configure an existing Environment ActiveGate for multi-environment support

Create a file called that lists each Dynatrace environment you want the Environment ActiveGate to support. Use the following format:

tenant = <tenant1_ID>;<tenant1_token>
tenant = <tenant2_ID>;<tenant2_token>

Note that tenant_ID corresponds to environment ID. For security reasons, you can no longer find the tenant_token in the Dynatrace web UI.

Save the file to the following folder:

on Linux: /var/lib/dynatace/gateway/config
on Windows: %ProgramData%\dynatrace\gateway\config

Restart the Environment ActiveGate.


All environments that are to be supported by the same Environment ActiveGate must run on the same cluster. If your Environment ActiveGate configuration for multiple environments fails, please contact Support.

On Linux, <conf_dir>/ is deleted during Environment ActiveGate update. Therefore, when updating Environment ActiveGate on Linux:

  1. Make a copy of the file.
  2. Update Environment ActiveGate.
  3. Stop Environment ActiveGate.
  4. Restore the file.
  5. Start Environment ActiveGate.