Time to upgrade! You only have until October 31, 2019 to move to Dynatrace, our all-in-one software intelligence platform. For details, see the Synthetic Upgrade Center and Dynatrace Synthetic documentation.

Using the features on the menu bar

Access the following commands through the menus at the top left corner of the Recorder.

File menu


Specify the language for the interface:

  • English
  • Chinese


  • Getting Started – Display the Welcome page that contains links to basic Recorder features, Dynatrace University training videos, and the Dynatrace Support Center.

  • Help – Access the Recorder help pages in the Dynatrace Support Center.

  • APM University – Open the Dynatrace University home page in your browser.

  • About Dynatrace Recorder – Open a dialog box that displays the version and provides a link to open the Synthetic Classic Portal. If a later version of the Recorder is available, the dialog box displays a link to download the upgrade.