Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

FormFill script action

FormFill action

Use the FormFill action to fill in the value of form input elements (or, in other words, set the value of a field on a page). Use FormFill actions as an alternative to using a Type action as Type actions can be difficult to create from scratch. Also, use the FormFill action when setting a parameter.

When FormFill is selected, certain keystrokes in fields (such as pressing Backspace, or pressing Tab to move to the next field) are still recorded as Type actions. If you corrected a typo while entering text in a form field, you can edit the script to delete the Type actions and to correct the FormFill value if necessary.

Recommended practice is to use a FormFill action rather than a series of Type actions. However, you need to use Type actions if you want to capture an autofill (typing individual characters and then selecting a suggested string).

Add a FormFill action

  1. Place the mouse pointer in the timeline where you want to add a value.

  2. Select the symbol that appears to display the list of actions.

  3. Select FormFill.
    Add a FormFill action

Define the FormFill action

Use the fields to define the action.

FormFill settings


Enter any value in this field.

You can use evaluation syntax in this field.

Target Window

By default, gomez_top[0] is entered in this field. To change the field, replace gomez_top[0] with the string defining the target window. For more information, see Target property.


Define the locators for the form field.

  • Click the add icon Add row icon located to the far right in the Locators area to add a locator, then enter the new locator information. For more information, see Element locators.

  • Click located to the right of any locator to delete it.