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File script action

File action

This action applies to Desktop Browser scripts only.

Many websites include features for uploading files; for example, adding images to a photo sharing site or attaching documents to an email message. . When you upload a file while recording a script, the file value, with appropriate locators, is added to the script. The actual file data is not stored in the script, to minimize data storage requirements. To simulate the file upload, you provide a URL to a sample data file. This URL will be downloaded by the agent during playback and then used for uploading when the File action is executed.

Add a File action

  1. Place the mouse cursor in the timeline where to upload a file.

  2. Click the plus icon Add icon to display the list of actions.

  3. Select File.

Define the file

File settings

  1. Enter the path for the file in the File URL field.
    You must provide the URL for the script to execute properly. Make sure that the URL points to where the file to upload is hosted.
    When you test this script in the Synthetic Classic Portal, the nodes must have access to the URL to access the file and use it for the upload action.

  2. Play back the script. The Target Window field and Locators are updated during playback.