Google Page Speed

When you play back a script in the Recorder, it runs Google Page Speed on your website as the transaction runs, and displays the results on the Google Page Speed tab.

Google Page Speed evaluates the performance of webpages and provides suggestions on how to improve performance, based on industry-wide best practices. It applies a rule set dependent on whether the pages are mobile-based or browser-based.

Google Page Speed can only be executed on steps that complete successfully and contain a Wait for Page Complete, because it depends on a complete DOM and page completion events.

Select a step number in the detailed list of URLs, and then select the Google Page Speed tab. The results consist of a list of web performance best practices, sorted by importance/priority for the page; and an icon that defines the page's score for each best practice.

Google Page Speed provides a total numeric and color-coded score for the page. The numeric score is calculated as the total numeric score of the page, divided by the total weight of all rules (excluding those that had an Information result). The icon shown is determined by an internal calculation of the number of high, medium, and low priority results.

Google Page Speed score and rating

  •  High priority. Suggestions represent the largest potential performance wins for relatively little development effort.
  •  Medium priority. Suggestions represent smaller wins or more development effort.
  •  Low priority or working OK. If suggestions are displayed with a + sign, they probably represent minor wins.
  •  Information only. Either these items do not apply to this page or there was a problem in running the test.