Provisioning a Web Recorder test

Click Save at the top right of the transaction page to go to the Finalize Test Name(s) page.

A test is listed for each test type you selected. The default test name consists of the URL, date and time, and agent type. You can rename the test.

Click Submit to save the test(s) and provision them on the specified networks, e.g. a Chrome browser test on the Backbone.

As soon as you save the test, it is provisioned and available for you to use.

New Last Mile, Private Last Mile, and Mobile tests may take up to 3 hours to start running after they're provisioned, because of the way the scheduler assigns tests to the measurement locations.

Provisioning templates for the Web Recorder

The first time you provision a Web Recorder test, a default provisioning template is created  for the test type. The new template is named Web Recorder <TestType> Template. You can customize the template for your testing requirements. See Test Templates for details. When you change the template, the changes are applied to all future Web Recorder tests.