Editing a test in the Web Recorder

Edit the test settings

You can review and edit a Web Recorder test's settings in the Edit a <TestType> Test page. For details, see the test settings pages.

Edit the actions

You can edit the test actions in the Web Recorder. You must open the Dynatrace Portal in the Chrome browser to use the Web Recorder.

In the Dynatrace Portal, go to > Tests.

Web Recorder tests have an Edit link in the Transaction column.

Click Edit to display the transaction in the Web Recorder.
Thumbnails of the web pages are not stored. Play back the script to display the images.

Click an action thumbnail to display the action details page.

Edit the action as described in Reviewing and Editing a Transaction.


You can Re-record a provisioned test. When you Save the new transaction, the test will be provisioned with the same name, and the original transaction will be replaced. You do not have the option to change the test name before saving.

Use the Windows Recorder to edit the test

Tests created with the Web Recorder can be downloaded to the Windows Recorder, edited, and uploaded back to the Dynatrace Portal; for example, you may need to add a custom action to the test. However, after a test is edited in the Windows Recorder,  it can no longer be edited in the Web Recorder.