Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Click action

The Click action simulates a user clicking on a target page element.

The script stores the following information when a click is recorded.


Each click requires a target locator to specify which element the agent is to simulate a click on.


When the agent is to fire a dblclick event within an element, this value is set to true.

x,y coordinates

The Recorder captures the x,y coordinates of the position where the user clicked in relation to the top left corner of the target element.

Because of technical limitations, these coordinates are set to 0,0 when the agent fires the mouse events associated with the action.

clientWidth and clientHeight

When the user interacts with Flash content on a page, the Recorder captures the width and height of the browser window used for recording. The clientWidth and clientHeight values are used to resize the playback window to match the size used for recording before performing the Click action. This makes for more reliable playback for Flash interactions against applications that scale to fit the window size.

These values are only supported in the Firefox agent. The other agents ignore them and no window resize takes place.

The values are not captured for clicks that take place on non-Flash page components.

Browser Agent implementation of the Click action

For information on mouse events, refer to

  1. Locate the target element.

  2. Locate the coordinate position within that element.

  3. Fire the mousemove event.

  4. Fire the mouseover event.

  5. Fire the focus event.

  6. Fire the mouseup event.

  7. Perform the click.

  • If the script is set to perform a double-click, fire the dblclick event.
  • If the script is not set to perform a double-click, execute a .click() on the target element.
  1. Fire the mouseout event.