Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Playing back a script

Playing back a script in the Recorder uses the browser agents packaged within the Recorder installation.

The IE agent, Firefox agent, or Chrome agent can be selected for playback of Desktop Browser scripts.

All new mobile scripts run on the Mobile agent by default. Mobile scripts can use either the Mobile agent or the Firefox agent for playback. However, the Firefox Agent does not recognize the mobile device actions Tap, Swipe, Pinch, Span, and Rotate, and will skip them when playing back a script. In the Synthetic Classic Portal, new mobile scripts can only be provisioned to the Mobile agent. The Firefox agent can be selected for troubleshooting or editing your existing Firefox mobile scripts.

To create a script “out of the box” that will work across multiple browsers, there is a component called the shim that interprets the action in the script into the appropriate events within each browser. Each agent has its own shim file that contains the JavaScript equivalent for a script action. Some actions are implemented differently in each agent's respective shim file because of differences in how those user actions are implemented at the browser level.

The IE agent uses the version of Internet Explorer installed on the system; only one version of IE can be installed on a computer.

The Firefox agent bundles an entire Firefox browser, so it is completely independent of any version installed on the computer.

The Recorder installation includes a Chrome browser, used by the Mobile Device recording feature, and by the Chrome agent and the Mobile agent for playback.

For information on supported browsers, see the Browser versions supported by Browser Agents.

As with recording a script, there is a dependency for Flash and Silverlight plug-in support for the playback agents. Plug-ins are not installed on the individual browsers. For Flash, it exists as either an IE ActiveX plug-in or as a plug-in that applies to all other browsers. To record sites that contain Flash or Silverlight, your system must have these plug-ins installed for all of the playback browsers you intend to use. The Chromium browser used by the Chrome agent does not have Flash integrated into it, unlike the Chrome browser; it requires the installation of the Flash plug-in available for non-IE browsers. You can download the plug-in from the Adobe Flash Player page.