Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Troubleshooting Private Last Mile installation issues

Suggested resolutions to common installation issues are provided below.

The download was only partially completed.

This may mean that the computer needs a better downloading agent. For Private Last Mile, it is recommended that the network administrator download the agent to a central location for distribution, if possible. The peer updates itself automatically, so generally the installation kit does not need to change.

I have downloaded the private peer but cannot generate any test results.

In the Private Last Mile Network machine profiles page in the Synthetic Classic Portal, you may see a peer that is checking in, but not a Last Checkin Date for that peer. The reason may be an ISP error check that is automatically executed after the first checkin. If the IP address provided by the peer references a different country of origin than what you provided in the peer profile, the Synthetic Classic Portal will stop that peer from executing work. To resolve this issue, verify that the machine location (country) is correct in the Preferences dialog box. If it is correct and the problem persists, ask Customer Support to override the automated country of origin check.

The new Private Last Mile machine does not appear in the list.

Try the following:

  • Check to make sure Private Last Mile is running.

  • Check proxy settings to make sure the following URLs can be reached:


The Private Last Mile machine appears in the list, but does not seem to check in for work correctly.

Verify the proxy settings, and make sure you can connect to and

If telnet is available on the target machine, use the following command to check whether the peer can connect to the application server:

 telnet 443

If the result of the command shows that the peer is not connect, it may be that your firewall has blocked communication with the application server.

Telnet is only available when the peer is not enabled to connect through a proxy.

The Private Last Mile machine appears, but checks in for work just once after it is restarted.

Try the following:

  • Verify the proxy settings, and make sure you can connect to and

  • Check the script to see whether it may be crashing Private Last Mile.