Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Private Last Mile overview

Private Last Mile supplements standard performance testing with dedicated agents located at key internal or external locations, such as across intranets, extranets, or VPNs.

By installing the Private Last Mile software on servers, end-user desktop machines, or infrastructure components, you can diagnose and pinpoint bottlenecks, evaluate the impact of infrastructure changes (such as load balancers or SSL accelerators), and gain unparalleled insight into the true performance of your Web applications from key end user perspectives.

Private Last Mile is a secure Java-based application that runs in the background at customer-specified locations. It leverages the same sophisticated monitoring agent used in Backbone to test single-page or multi-step transactions. The performance metrics include performance and availability information for pages and objects delivered via HTTP or HTTPS-based applications.

Using Private Last Mile, you can create specialized and controlled groups for website monitoring. These Private Last Mile networks can be used in testing and validation of websites to help achieve performance excellence and to maximize your online investments.

As long as Private Last Mile is connected to the Internet, the agent sends a brief poll every five minutes to Dynatrace-hosted Private Last Mile application servers to signal that the agent is available for testing and requests a test to perform. The application server is a flexible, Java-based platform technology that coordinates and manages the distribution of all Private Last Mile tests throughout a customer's Private Last Mile network. All communication between Private Last Mile and the application server occurs over encrypted HTTPS channels.

When the application server receives a request for work from Private Last Mile, it determines whether there is available testing that matches the peer profile. If the application server finds a match, it sends a message to Private Last Mile directing it to execute a single-page or multi-step transaction against a specified web server.

When Private Last Mile receives a test to execute from the application server, the agent executes it using the computer's spare resources. After the test is completed, the results are sent to the Dynatrace-hosted application server, where they are consolidated and made available in the Synthetic Classic Portal. Along with the data, Private Last Mile also sends a request for more tests to run. If there are more tests that match the peer's profile, they are sent out immediately for execution. If there are no matching tests, the peer closes the connection and begins another five-minute waiting period before repeating the process. These interactions take place over SSL-encrypted connections to the following hosts on port 443: and The validity of the software package is checked against the versioning server, which connects on port 80 to

The following figure illustrates the work from provisioning a test to the Synthetic Classic Portal through the customer viewing the results of all test executions in the Synthetic Classic Portal. The Private Last Mile agent starts its process at step 4 and ends at step 6.

Private Last Mile workflow