Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Private Last Mile FAQs

What is the peer?

The peer is a virtual browser emulation designed to run in the computer's background to perform automated network testing and analysis from any computer in your network.

How do I download and install Private Last Mile?

Download the private peer installer from the More assets page in the Synthetic Classic Portal. Only users with an Account Admin, Account Primary, Test Admin, or Scripter user profile have access to this page. For details, see Installing Private Last Mile.

What is the network name/password?

Dynatrace will provide this information to you when you begin the implementation of your network. In most cases, the network login information will be different from your Synthetic Classic Portal login information.

How do I edit information in the peer agent GUI?

Select Programs > Private Last Mile > Show Private Last Mile UI to open the Preferences dialog box, which displays the values that were entered for the peer agent.

Click Modify to edit these values. You can also change the country and zip code. Make sure you always have the correct network (account) name entered in the dialog box, or the data will not link to your account.

Click Save after you make your changes.

Do I have to be logged in for the peer to work?

Because Private Last Mile is a service, you do not need to be logged in for it to work. Your computer, however, must be online and active for the agent to work properly.


If you have an energy saver setting selected, the agent is unable to work properly.

What effect will the peer have on other operations on my computer?

The peer operates in its own “sandbox”. Anything it does remains separate from normal computer usage, except for the portion of the overall network bandwidth that is shared to run tests.

Will the peer slow down my computer?

The peer agent is designed to use up to 40 MB of RAM that is not otherwise being used. When the RAM is needed for another task, it is released back to the operating system. CPU utilization is typically less than, for example, the amount used when Microsoft Outlook is open.

Will running the peer affect normal workflow?

In normal operation, the peer runs in the background and is nearly invisible to the user. There may be situations where you may contact the user regarding diagnostics to be run from within the peer, but otherwise there should be little effect.

Will the agent work with a firewall or proxy?

Yes. The peer can work with a firewall or a proxy server.

Do I need local administrator privileges with the Internet Explorer Native Browser Agent?

No. Any DOMAIN\user account can use the IE Native Browser Agent. However, the Internet Explorer browser cache is shared with the user account that is configured for Private Last Mile. If that user frequently uses Internet Explorer on the machine where Private Last Mile is installed, the user's updates to the cache and the IE Agent's clearing of the cache may cause varying results in the Private Last Mile data. Therefore, we recommend assigning a dedicated user account to the private peer.

For more information, see Private Last Mile Requirements for Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

How can I stop the peer from popping up on my screen?

To run the peer agent in the background, without seeing the main window, select Programs > Private Last Mile > Show Private Last Mile UI to open the Preferences dialog box. Look for the option Launch Private Last Mile window at startup and make sure it is not selected. Click Save to close the dialog box.

Can I run the peer on Linux or a Mac?

No. Currently, the peer agent runs only in a Windows environment. Please consult your contact at Dynatrace about custom deployments.