Portal navigation

Portal features are available through the menus and icons at the top of every page.

Navigation menu – Analyze data, create and view reports, view data from different business perspectives, manage tests and alerts, and administer your account.
Dashboards – Create, view, and share custom dashboards.
Alert logs – The icon shows the number of active alerts in the last 24 hours. Click the icon to go to the Alert logs page. If there are no active alerts, the alert icon is green.
User menu – Review and change your preferences, access help resources in the Dynatrace Community, and download the Windows Recorder and Private Peer.

We recommend using the breadcrumb trail, not the browser's back button, to return to previous Portal pages.

Quick reference

To go to... Click...
Dynatrace blog Click Blog.
Account settings
Account usage Click Account settings.
Alert logs
Alerts configuration and destinations
Contributor groups
Customer Support Click Support.
Dashboards – Custom and operations , then select My dashboards, Favorites, or Shared
Documentation Click Help.
Diagnostics – Instant tests
Windows Recorder installer Click More assets.
Synthetic Classic Open Q&A forum Click Answers.
EAP Feedback forum EAP Portal only – click .
Early Access Program
Error analysis
Event logs
Geographic comparison page
Interactive charts
Internet health map
Language: Portal interface in Chinese or Japanese Click  or .
Login details Click your name.
Maintenance window management Click Maintenance window.
Measurement locations
My dashboards displays My dashboards tab by default. , then select My dashboards, Favorites, or Shared.
My Preferences Click your name.
My views
Operational summary
Operations dashboard
Operations dashboards - BETA > My dashboards
Performance dashboard
Private agent (Software Private Agent)
Private Last Mile private peer installer Click More assets.
Service and node status notifications Click System status.
Test defaults
Test templates
User management