Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Editing Performance tests

Any Performance (Backbone, Private Last Mile, Mobile) test can also be edited in the Web Recorder.

Use the test edit screens to edit single or multiple tests of different types or the same type at the same time.

When editing a single test for a test type, you can:

  • Modify the original settings provisioned for the test.
  • Configure additional (advanced) settings.
  • For Backbone, Mobile, or Private Last Mile tests, create or modify alert settings.

For multiple tests, you can only edit the settings the tests have in common. See Editing multiple tests, below.

See these pages for more information about test settings:

The editing workflow begins in the Tests page. Click Menu icon > Tests to go to this page.

If necessary, use the filters to find the test you want to edit.

Synthetic Classic Tests page

Editing a single test

  1. Click the expand icon Expand icon for a test to display the test details.

  2. Click Edit test.

  3. In the Edit a <TestType> Test page, select each tab as needed and edit the settings.

  4. Click Update to update the information on a tab or Update and Finish to save changes in all tabs and return to the Tests page or Alerts page.

Editing multiple tests

Use the multiple test edit feature to make changes to the common settings of several tests at one time. You can select any combination of test types.

  1. In the tests table, select the check boxes for the tests you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit selected above the table.

Editing multiple tests of the same test type

Edit the values in the Edit Multiple <TestType> Tests page.

A Test List section appears at the top of the settings page that lists each test you selected to edit and its status.

To remove a test from editing, click in the test list. When a test is removed from editing, the Edit Multiple <TestType> Tests page reloads, and the locked or unlocked status of the settings may change.

Note the following:

  • The Common Settings tab displays the settings that you can edit. Settings that do not appear on this tab cannot be edited for multiple tests.
  • You can edit up to 25 tests at one time per test type.
  • While you can add or edit test-level alert settings, you cannot edit or create step-level alerts for multiple Backbone tests.

Locked and unlocked icons appear next to each setting.

  • Unlocked - An unlocked icon appears next to the settings where the value for the setting is the same for each test you selected. This icon indicates that you can edit the values for this field; the value that appears here is the common value. To change the ability to edit the field, click the icon. The icon changes to a locked icon and the settings are disabled and cannot be edited. If the value of this setting was changed before locking it, this setting is not updated.
  •  Locked - A locked icon appears next to settings where the value for the setting is different for each test selected. This icon indicates that you cannot edit the values for this field. The field is disabled and no value is shown. Click the lock icon to unlock this setting. The unlock icon appears and a value for this setting can be selected. No default value appears when the setting is unlocked.

When you finish editing, only unlocked settings are updated. If you unlocked a setting for a required field and did not specify a value, an error message appears prompting you to select a value.

Click Update and Finish to submit the changes and display the Tests page or Alerts page (Backbone tests).

Editing multiple tests of different test types

For a test type where you have chosen a single test, the Edit a <TestType> Test page is shown.

For each test type where you have chosen more than one test, the Edit Multiple <TestType> Tests page is shown.

The editing pages appear in order by test type:

  1. Backbone
  2. Private Last Mile

After editing the Backbone tests, click one of the following. The available buttons depend on which test type you're editing and which other types, if any, are next in the sequence.

  • Update – Update the edited test(s) while remaining on the current page to make more changes.
  • Update and Next – Submit the changes made to the current test(s) and display the editing page for the next test type.
  • Skip and Next – Cancel any changes in the current page and display the editing page for the next test type.
  • Update and Finish – Submit all changes and return to the Tests page (appears when editing Private Last Mile tests).