Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Private Last Mile network machine profiles

A Private Last Mile machine runs a peer agent that allows you to request diagnostics and test results from a Private Last Mile application server. When the application server receives a request, it determines if there is an available machine that matches the Peer Population's profile, and if so, processes the request.

The Private Last Mile Network Machine Profiles page displays a summary for each machine.

Viewing Private Last Mile network machine profiles

  1. Click Menu icon > Measurement locations.
  2. Select the Private Last Mile tab.
  3. Click View Network Machine Profiles at the top of the page.

Page details

The page provides the following information:

  • Machine Name – Name of the computer on which the Private Last Mile agent is installed; the type(s) of agent the machine supports; and whether the machine is configured for IPv4, IPv6, or both. Click a name to view information for the machine.

  • User Defined Field # – One of three custom fields defined by you when you installed the Private Last Mile peer.

  • Available Bandwidth – The bandwidths of this machine.

  • Country – Name of the country where the machine is located.

  • First Check-in – Date and time of the first request made by this machine.

  • Last Check-in – Date and time of the last request made by this machine.

  • Last IP Address – Last known IP address of this machine.
    The Last IPv4 address and Last IPv6 address, if applicable, are displayed in separate columns.

Click a column heading to sort the page by that column.

Private Last Mile network machine profiles cannot be manually removed from the Synthetic Classic Portal. When a machine has not checked in for 31 days, the machine profile is automatically removed.