Editing Peer Populations

You can edit any account-specific Peer Population, whether it is in use or not. However, you cannot edit any global Peer Populations used by Last Mile tests.

  1. Click > Measurement locations.

  2. Click the:

  3. In the table, select the Peer Population to edit.
    Information about the Peer Population appears in the right column of the page.

  4. From the Action menu, choose Edit.
    The Edit Public Peer Population or Edit Private Peer Population page appears.

  5. Make any changes to the configuration, as described below.

  6. Click Save.
    The Last Mile or Private Last Mile tab reappears.

Editing the configuration

  1. The procedure for editing a setting depends on whether you selected All for a setting when creating the Peer Population or you customized the setting:

    • If you originally selected All, the All option, located in the Included section, is selected. To make any changes to this setting, select Customize and then complete step 2.
    • If you originally created a customized setting, the Customize option is selected by default; continue with Step 3.
  2. To view additional items for Countries/States or Provinces or for ISP:

    • Click Display All.
    • Search for an item by entering text in the search field. The search results appear in the table dynamically as text is entered or changed.
    • Click Expand All to view all states and/or provinces; or click the arrow next to a country name to display the states/provinces for that country.
  3. Select the criteria for the Peer Population:

    1. Select items to add:

      • Select the checkbox above the table to select all items in the table. For Countries/States or Provinces, all states/provinces will also be included.
      • Select the checkbox next to an item to select only that item.
    2. Click . The criteria selected appear in the Included list.

    3. To remove an item from the Included list, select it and click . Select the checkbox above the table to select all items in the Included list.

  4. For any settings in which you selected items from the window, click Confirm.