Adding Peer Populations

Use the Last Mile tab of the Measurement locations page to create a new Peer Population for Last Mile tests. Use the Private Last Mile tab for Private Last Mile tests.

Click > Measurement locations to go to the Measurement locations page.

Select the Last Mile or Private Last Mile tab.

Click New Population.

  • The Configure New Public Peer Population page appears for Last Mile.

    At least one setting must be configured for a Public Peer Population. If the default value of All is selected for every setting, an error message appears when you try to save the new Peer Population.

  • The Configure New Private Peer Population page appears for Private Last Mile.

Enter a name for the Peer Population in the Create Peer Name field. Peer Population names must be fewer than 100 ASCII characters.

Select settings to define the Peer Population.

These settings are available for both Last Mile and Private Last Mile:

  • Countries/States or Provinces
  • ISP
  • Available Bandwidth
  • Connection Type

Additional settings are available for Private Last Mile Populations:

  • IP Capability
  • Private Last Mile Network
  • Machine
  • User Defined Fields

By default, all settings are set to All. Select Customize to display configuration fields for the setting.

If the configuration field is filtered to list the items from the last month's search history, click Display All to view all available options.


  • Search for an item by entering text in the Search field. The search results appear in the table dynamically as text is entered or changed.
  • Click Expand All in the countries, states, or provinces configuration to view all states and/or provinces.
    Select the arrow next to the country name to display the states/provinces for that country.
  • Select to view ISPs from a specific country by selecting that country from the list. By default, the ISP setting shows all ISPs (All is selected in the list).

To configure a setting:

Do one of these:

  • Select the checkbox above the table to select all items in the table. For the Countries/States or Provinces setting, all states/provinces will also be included.
  • Select the checkbox next to a list item to select only that item.

Click . The selected items are added to the Included list.

To remove an item from the Included list, select it and click . Select the checkbox above the table to select all items in the Included list. Select Expand All in the Countries/States or Provinces setting to display all states and/or provinces.

For any settings for which you selected items, click Confirm.

Click Save.

The Last Mile or Private Last Mile tab reappears, with the new Peer Population highlighted at the top of the table.