Backbone nodes

Dynatrace has Backbone nodes on networks that transmit the majority of Internet traffic.

To go to the Node Manager page, click > Measurement locations.

Use the Node Manager page to:

  • Review the current status of the nodes:

    • Whether a node is active or inactive, including the date and time it went inactive.
    • The IPv4 address for a specific node.
    • The IPv6 addresses for a specific node. Click IPv6 to view the list of IPv6 addresses. The IPv6 column displays a double dash ( -- ) if the site is not enabled for IPv6.
  • Add or remove a node from all the tests by selecting one of the following options from the Action menu:

    • Add to all tests
    • Remove from all tests

Use the Test defaults page to create a node group that will be applied to all tests. For details, see Creating Default Backbone Test Settings.