Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Folder management

To go to the Folder management page, click Menu icon > Folders.

Use folders to organize your tests. If your account has a large number of tests, it's helpful to group related tests together. For example, you could create a folder for all the tests for a workflow in your web application; or tests for different browser types based on the same script.

You can add tests with any combination of test type and browser type to the same folder. You can add Availability tests and Performance (Browser Agent) tests to the same folder.

A test can only be assigned to one folder.

Use folders in:

  • The Operational summary view, to focus on the tests in the selected folder.
  • Custom dashboards, in a Status overview tile that monitors the health of tests in the selected folder.
  • Test selection lists for charts and dashboards.
  • The Maintenance windows page, to filter the maintenance windows list; and to filter the test selection list when you create or edit a maintenance window.
  • Test settings pages. When you create or edit a test, you can add the test to a folder, remove it from its folder, or move it to a different folder.
  • The Alerts page, to review the alert configurations for the tests in a specific folder.
  • The Test configuration details report, which organizes the test configurations by folder.

The Folder management page lists all folders created in your account. The list shows the number of active tests in each folder.

You can filter the folder list by:

  • Folder name – Type any part of a folder name in the Filter folders field. The Folders list shows only the folders that contain that string in the folder name.
  • Product (test type) – Select any combination of test types. If you select multiple test types, any folder that contains one of those types is listed.
  • Browser type – All folders that contain one or more tests provisioned for the selected browser type will be listed. This filter isn't relevant to Availability tests.

Create a folder

In the Folder management page, click Create new folder to open the New folder page.

Type the name in the Folder name field.

To use the Optional filter, click the expand icon to display the filter criteria:

To select only tests that were Last modified or Created within a specific date range, select one of those options from the Show field. Then click in each date field to display a calendar to select the start and end date/time.

Show inactive tests is enabled by default. Click the control to turn it off .

To see only specific test types (product types), clear the check box for any type you want to exclude.

Optional: Select a folder from the Select folder list.
Note that if a test is already in a folder, adding it to another folder removes it from the original folder.

If you want to see only the tests that are not already in a folder, select Tests with no folder.

Click the Select tests from this group field to display the list of tests.

To filter the list, type a string in the field at the top of the list. The list is filtered to show only tests that contain the string anywhere in their names.

Click the check box next to each test you want to add to the folder, then click Add test.

When you've selected all the tests, click Done.

View the tests in a folder

To see which tests are included in a folder, click the edit icon in the folder's row to go to the Edit folder page.

The Edit folder page is automatically filtered to list only the tests that are in the selected folder. This list includes both active and inactive tests, so the number of tests may not be the same as the number listed on the Folder management page.

Edit a folder

In the folder list, click the edit icon for the folder to display the Edit folder page.

The Edit folder page is the same as the New folder page described above. You can rename the folder and add or remove tests, using the filters as needed to find the tests you want to add.

When you finish your edits, click Done.

Delete a folder

To delete a folder, click the delete icon in the test's row.

Deleting a folder does not delete the tests that were in the folder.