Configuration summary

To go to the Configuration summary page, click > Configuration summary.

The Configuration summary page provides an overview of all of the tests for an account.

At the top of the page is the date and time this report was generated, the account name, and username. Below is a table that shows the following information:

  • Folder name
  • Batch Group name – Select the batch group name to open the Edit Batch Group page to modify any batch group settings.
  • Test name – Select a name to open the Edit <TestType>: <TestName> page to modify this test's settings.
  • Test type
  • Agent – IE (Internet Explorer), FF (Firefox), CH (Chrome), or MA (Mobile Agent)
  • Objects – Yes indicates all page objects are collected for this test; No indicates no page objects are collected.
  • Number of pages
  • Frequency (in minutes)
  • Number of locations
  • SCoE – On indicates SCoE, or SCoS for Mobile, is enabled; Off indicates that SCoE or SCoS is not enabled.
  • Status – (Active or Inactive)
  • URL – If the test has multiple steps, the first step is presented with a "1" preceding the value.
  • Created by
  • Create Date/Time
  • Last Modified by
  • Modified Date/Time

By default, not all of the columns appear when the page first appears. Click located in the far right corner of the table to customize the columns that appear in this table.

The table is initially sorted ascending order by test name; select any column heading to sort by that column.

Filtering the table

By default, this page displays all of the tests in your account. Filter the information that appears in the table by choosing Show Filters and choosing one or more of these filters:

  • Product
  • Agent
  • Objects
  • SCoE
  • Status

The table is updated dynamically as filters are selected.

  • Choose Hide Filters to hide these filters.
  • Choose Reset to display the default values.

Activating or deactivating tests

Use the Action menu located in the table to activate or deactivate a test. Note that you cannot activate an expired test.

Downloading data

Use the Action menu located at the top of the page to export all information in a CSV or XLS format.

Selecting either format displays a window where you can open or save the file named test_confirmation_summary.\<ext>, where <ext> is either csv or xls.