Viewing alert destinations for your account

You can view all of the alert destinations for your account in the Alerts page. You can also review the destinations while creating or editing an alert.

The Alert Destinations tab of the Alerts page lists:

  • Destination name
  • Creator
  • Last modified date
  • Delivery/Template type

To view this page:

  1. Click  > Alerts to display the Alerts page.
  2. Click the Alerts Destinations tab.

When creating or editing an alert, you can view the Alert Destinations for Account: <AccountName> window, which lists the alert destinations for your account and the subject line for this destination.

  1. Select a test to edit. The Edit a <TestType> Test: <TestName> page appears.
  2. Click the Test Level Alerts tab.
    For Backbone tests, you can also select the Step Level Alerts tab.
  3. In the Notifications section for any type of alert, click View Alert Destinations. The Alert Destinations for Account: <AccountName> window appears.