Time to upgrade! You only have until October 31, 2019 to move to Dynatrace, our all-in-one software intelligence platform. For details, see the Synthetic Upgrade Center and Dynatrace Synthetic documentation.

Resources on the user menu

Click the user icon at the top right corner of the Portal to access these resources:

  • My profile page – Click your name at the top of the menu to update your personal information (e.g. job title), change your Portal password and challenge questions, and set your Portal preferences.
  • More assets – Download the Windows Recorder (Windows Recorder), Private Last Mile software.
    Note: The lists of Backbone nodes and Mobile nodes that can be downloaded from this page may not be current. For up-to-date lists of nodes available to your account, see the Measurement locations page in the Portal (not all user profiles have access to this page).
  • System status – Go to the Service and Node Status Notifications page in the Dynatrace Community. You can Watch this page to get email notifications when information is added or updated.
  • Early access program – Open the EAP Portal in a new browser tab. You can log in to the EAP Portal with your Synthetic Classic Portal username.
  • Language – Select Chinese or Japanese for the Portal text. (Documentation and other Community resources are only available in English.)
  • Help – Go to the documentation home page.
  • Answers – Go to the Synthetic Classic Q&A forum to post questions or submit product ideas.
  • Blog – Go to the Dynatrace blog for news and product insights.
  • Support – Go to the Synthetic Classic Support page. From this page, you can manage your account, contact Support, read the latest news, and click to Community resources.