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Operations dashboards - BETA

Use operations dashboards to monitor the health of selected Performance (Browser Agent) tests as shown by the performance (end-to-end or response time) and availability for the tests. Use these dashboards to quickly identify the tests that are in a problem state and drill down for detailed analysis.

Create and view operations dashboards through the Dashboards page. To go to this page, click the dashboard icon or select Menu icon > My dashboards.

For details of creating or editing an operations dashboard, see Managing Operations Dashboards - BETA.

Any operations dashboards created for your account in the original, built-in Operations business dashboard before the April 2017 release of the Synthetic Classic Portal were imported into the My Dashboards page when the release was deployed. Any changes to these new (beta) dashboards have no effect on the original dashboards.

Dashboard types

Operations backbone

Use the Operations backbone dashboard to monitor the health of Backbone nodes, networks, or geographic locations for selected Backbone tests.

Each test is a row in the dashboard. Each node, network, or geographic location is a column. You can configure the dashboard for up to six columns.

Operations backbone analyst

The Operations backbone analyst dashboard shows the performance and availability of Backbone tests or test groups, organized by a selected view type. Use this dashboard to monitor the health of the Backbone nodes, networks, regions, or countries in which the selected Backbone tests are executed. You can add both test groups created for the dashboard and individual tests to the dashboard. For information about test groups, see Managing Operations Dashboards - BETA.

Each node/network/region/country is a row in the dashboard. Each test or test group is a column.

Operations last mile

Use the Operations last mile dashboard to monitor the performance and availability of Private Last Mile tests by connection speed. You can create dashboards for each of these test types, or combine the test types in an Operations last mile dashboard.

Connection speed is the time it takes to connect to a web server from a local user's desktop. The connection speed categories are:

  • Broadband G6 – greater than 3072kbps
  • Broadband G5 – greater than 1536kbps and less than or equal to 3072kbps
  • Broadband G4 – greater than 768kbps and less than or equal to 1536kbps
  • Broadband G3 – greater than 512kbps and less than or equal to 768kbps
  • Broadband G2 – greater than 200kbps and less than or equal to 512kbps
  • Narrowband G1 – greater than 56kbps and less than or equal to 200kbps
  • Legacy/Saturated G0 – less than or equal to 56kbps

In the dashboard, each test is a row, and the connection speeds are the columns.

Using the Operations dashboards

In any operations dashboard, you can:

Change the time frame

To change the time frame for a dashboard, click the time icon  at the top right above the dashboard and select the time frame. For details, see Change the time frame in Dashboards.

Change the configuration

To temporarily change the data displayed in a dashboard, click the expand icon for Metrics and filters to display the settings you can change. These settings depend on the dashboard type. For more information about the settings, see Managing Operations Dashboards - BETA.

Click Reset at the right side of the settings to restore the permanent settings to the dashboard.

Operations backbone

  • Select metric – Select whether to show Availability and Performance (the default), Availability only, or Performance only.
  • Show – Display the data by Geography, Network, or Node.
  • Select options – If you change the Show settings, you must select items to display; e.g., the cities or countries for a Geography view.

Operations backbone analyst

  • Select metric – Select whether to show Availability and Performance (the default),Availability only, or Performance only.
  • Show – Display the data by Node, Network, Region, or Country.

Operations last mile

  • Select metric – Select whether to show Availability and Performance (the default), Availability only, or Performance only.
  • Above – Specify the minimum throughput; connection speeds above this value will be displayed in the dashboard.
  • Below – Specify the maximum throughput; connection speeds below this value will be displayed in the dashboard.

View additional information

Click  a metric value to open a popup window that displays:

  1. The test name and category.
  2. The performance and available values.
  3. The thresholds for performance and availability.
  4. Values for critical metrics.

The window displays the same details for all dashboard types, whether you click a performance or availability value.

Drilldowns for data analysis

In the popup window that appears when you click a metric value:

  • Click Open in chart view to go to a trend chart of performance (response time) and availability in the Trend details view. From this chart, you can drill down through a raw scatter chart to an object chart or to the Waterfall summary page, from which you can display waterfall charts for the test steps.
    When you drill down from a group in an Operations backbone analyst dashboard, the Trend details view charts each test in the group separately.
  • If availability is less than 100%, click View error analysis to go to the Error analysis page. From there, you can view a list of the errors and drill down through the Waterfall summary page to the waterfall charts.