Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Managing operations dashboards - BETA

Create and manage operations dashboards, through the Dashboards page. To go to this page, click the Dashboard icon or select Menu icon > My dashboards.

Create or edit a dashboard

To create a new dashboard, click the expand icon on the right side of the Add dashboard list and select the dashboard type.

To edit a dashboard, click the dashboard name to open it, then click Edit at the top right corner of the dashboard.

The same screen is displayed for a new or edited dashboard.

  1. Type a name for the dashboard in the field at the top left corner.

  2. Optional: To insert a thumbnail logo or other image at the top left corner of the dashboard, click the image icon  next to the name field, then enter the image's URL in the Set dashboard image field. The image must be hosted on the Internet, and must be GIF, PNG, or JPG format. The image will be the same size as the icon in the editing screen.

  3. Configure the dashboard details as described below.

  4. Click Done to save the configuration and view the dashboard.

Dashboard details

Select metric

The choices are:

  • Availability and Performance (the default)
  • Availability only
  • Performance only

This dashboard should refresh

The choices are:

  • Every 1 minute
  • Every 5 minutes (the default)
  • Every 15 minutes

Dashboard-specific settings

Each dashboard type has different options for configuring the data display.

Add tests

Optional: To select tests from a specific folder or only tests that aren't in a folder, use the Select folder list.

Click the Select tests from this group field to display the list of available tests.

Optional: To filter the test list, type a string in the Filter tests field at the top of the list. The string can be anywhere in the test names.

Click the check box for each test you want to add to the dashboard, then click Add test.

For an Operations backbone analyst dashboard, you can only select one test at a time. Click each test and then click Add test, up to a maximum of six tests.

Optional: Click the expand icon Expand icon for a test to display the fields to change the test's End to end time (response time) and Availability thresholds.

Type the new values in the fields, and click either Apply to this test or Apply to all tests.

The thresholds are changed only in this operations dashboard; they're unchanged in other Portal pages.

Add groups

For Operations backbone analyst dashboards, you can also define test groups to aggregate data for related tests. A dashboard can include tests only, groups only, or both tests and groups.

Copy an operations dashboard

Display the dashboard.

At the top right corner, click the More menu and select Copy from the menu.

To copy a Shared dashboard created by another user, click Copy at the top right corner.

In the popup window, type the name for the new dashboard, then click Copy and open.

The editing window for the new dashboard is displayed.

Edit the new dashboard as needed, then click Done at the top left corner.

Add an operations dashboard to your favorites

If you have a long list of dashboards, you can add a frequently used dashboard to your Favorites tab for easy access.

  • In the Dashboards page, click the Favorite icon  for the dashboard. The icon becomes solid .

  • While viewing your dashboard, click the More menu  and select Add to favorites.

Delete an operations dashboard

  1. In the Dashboards page, select the check box next to the dashboard name.
  2. Click Delete at the top right corner of the window.
  3. When the confirmation message appears, click Yes.