Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Creating or editing Operations dashboards

To go to the Operations dashboards, select Menu icon > Operations.

From the Manage Dashboard page, you can create a new dashboard or edit existing dashboards:

  • Create a dashboard – At the top of most Operations dashboard administrative pages, including the Manage Dashboard page, click Quick Link and then click Create Dashboard. The Create Dashboard page appears.
  • Edit a dashboard – You can only edit dashboards you created. On the Manage Dashboard page, select the Action cell for the dashboard, then click Action > Edit Dashboard. The Edit Dashboard page appears.

Configure the dashboard

The Create Dashboard and Edit Dashboard pages contain the same details:

Enter a name for the dashboard.

If you are creating a new dashboard, select the type of dashboard.

When you edit a dashboard, you cannot change the dashboard type.
The dashboard type determines the fields that appear on this page.

Enter a search string in the field and click . The Select Tests for Dashboard window displays the search results. Clicking without a search string opens the test search window with no search results.

Select the test(s) to include for this dashboard.

  • For the Backbone analyst dashboard, select up to a maximum of six tests.
  • For the Backbone operations or Last Mile operations dashboards, select up to a maximum of 200 tests.

A table lists the tests you selected; click to remove a test.

Optional: To edit the thresholds for each test, select Edit Test Thresholds. The thresholds can also be edited in the Manage Dashboard page after creating a dashboard.

The next steps depend on the type of dashboard you selected to create:

  • For the Backbone analyst dashboard:

    • In the View Type list, select how to view the data: by node, region, country, or network.
    • To select the groups for this dashboard, either create a new group or copy a group from an existing dashboard.
      After selecting groups, you can use Action > Edit in the Action column to open the Edit Group window, or Action > Delete to delete this group from the dashboard.
  • For the Backbone operations dashboard:

    • In the View Type list, select how to view the data: by geography, network, or node.
      Select up to a maximum of six items by holding the Ctrl key and selecting items from the list.
  • For the Last Mile operations dashboard, the only available view is Connection Speed.
    Optionally, you can exclude test results based on throughput rates. Enter throughput values in the Trim by Machine Throughput fields. In the Above field, enter the lowest kbits/second rate to display in the dashboard; in the Below field, enter the highest kbits/second rate to display in the dashboard.

Click Save. The Manage Dashboard page appears.

Next steps

After creating dashboards:

  • If you didn't define thresholds when creating the dashboard, configure the thresholds.
  • Optionally, manage your dashboards:
    • Determine which dashboard to view by default when the Operations Dashboard link is selected.
    • Define which dashboards should appear from the Quick Link list.
    • Modify any settings using the Manage Dashboards page.