Synthetic Classic has reached end of support and is no longer available. Existing Synthetic Classic customers have been upgraded to the all-in-one Dynatrace software intelligence platform.

Searching for items to chart

Use the Interactive Chart: Tests page to find tests that have been uploaded to the Portal. Use this page to select the Backbone and Private Last Mile data to chart.

Search results are updated dynamically as the search criteria is entered or changed.

About the search page

This search page is divided into three sections:

  • The search field for entering search criteria.
  • Items to Chart section – Displays the items you selected to chart.
  • Search Results section – Displays the search results.

For all tables shown on this page:

  • Customize the columns that appear in any table by clicking located in the far right corner of the table.
  • Select a column to sort it.

About the search section

At the top of the page is a search field to enter the search criteria.

The basic search searches for the active tests in all of the categories for all of the products. Filters are available to search for particular tests.

  1. Enter the search criteria in the field.

  2. Optionally, select the filters to make it easier to find specific tests.

    • Click Show Filters, located to the right of the search field, to display the filters.
    • Click Hide Filters to hide the filters.
    • Click Reset to reset the filter to their default values.
  3. Select the filters to use.
    The items that match the search criteria appear in the table.

By default, search results only include active tests. If a test is inactive, it can still be charted if the previously collected data remains in the Synthetic Classic database. In the Interactive Chart: Tests page, click Show Filters, then click Status and select Inactive.

About the Items to Chart section

The Items to Chart section in the middle of the page lists all of the items selected to chart. The following information is shown for each item selected:

  • Type
  • Project/ Folder/Application Name
  • Test/Path Name
  • Step/Page Name
  • Event Name
  • Test Type

In this section:

  • Click Hide to hide this section on the page.
  • Click Show to redisplay this section.
  • Click All to select all of the items in the table.
  • Click None to clear all of the selections.
  • To remove an item, select it and click Remove.

Search Results section

The search results are listed in this section on the Synthetic tab. To display the results by one of the categories listed at the top right corner of the results table, click the category label:

  • Folder – The Folder column displays the available folders. For each folder, the Test Name column lists all tests in that folder, and the Product column lists the test type of the folder. (A folder can contain only one test type.) All tests that aren't in folders are listed in the first row.
  • Test – The default. Each test is listed in a separate row.
  • Step – Each test step is listed in a separate row. Steps in the same test may not be listed consecutively. You can sort  the table by Test Name to order the steps by test.

Selecting items to chart

  1. Select the check box next to the items to chart in the Search Results section.
    While you can select items from any tab, you can only select items from one category.
    For example, you can select:

    • Specific folders – one category on the Synthetic tab
    • Specific folders – one category on the Synthetic tab

    You cannot select:

    • Folders and tests – two categories on the Synthetic tab
    • Folders, tests, and projects – Folders and tests are two categories on the Synthetic tab
  2. Click Add. The items appear in the Items to Chart section of the page.

  3. Click Chart. The item listed in the Items to Chart section appear in the Interactive charts page. The type of chart depends on the type of items you selected to chart.