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Analyzing interactive chart data

You can drill down to the interactive chart from the Trend details view, or go to the Interactive charts page by clicking Menu icon > Interactive charts.

From the interactive chart, you can get more detailed data and investigate performance issues:

  • For multi-step transactions, chart the data by step.
  • When charting multiple tests of different types, chart the data by product (test type).
  • Split the data by geographical location, browser type, service provider, host, and other performance factors.
  • View Backbone data in a histogram chart.
  • Perform Root Cause Analysis.
  • View raw data in the Raw Scatter chart or Raw Data table.
  • Go to the Waterfall page.
  • Chart one or more objects involved in the transaction.
  • View screen captures if Screen Capture on Error is enabled for a charted test.

To drill down from the Main Chart, click a data point and select an item from the menu.