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Performance metrics by site (node) - test analysis

This table in the Analysis Snapshot section shows the specific breakdown of the performance metrics — DNS Lookup, Connection Time and SSL Time, if applicable — for each testing location for the given application being tested, for the past hour relative to the past 24 hours.

This information helps localize any problems with providing service to a specific geography or section of network topography, such as Level3 or Cogent, or other Tier1 backbone provider.

In some circumstances, this table does not display values:

  • The message "<.005" appears for a time less than 5 milliseconds, because such a short time doesn't indicate potential issues with clients' servers. These DNS measurements are removed from consideration in Test Analysis.
  • The message "No successful tests" means that no valid results could be analyzed for the metric. Reasons for this include having no results for a portion of the time frame selected, the underlying test failing, or when metrics are not applicable, such as SSL being used within portions of an application and not within others.